Antelope Island

Thursday, September 8, 2011

We decided to go on a hike this past weekend and we had never been to Antelope Island. I didn't know how much we were missing. Antelope Island is beautiful. It is so quiet and peaceful. We showed up and they were having the annual Stampede Festival. They had hot air balloons, professional kite flyer's( , pie eating contests, BMX bikers, booths, and wild animals. I couldn't have asked for a better Labor day weekend. We will definitely make this a family tradition.

(These Spiders were all over the trail. We saw one right on the trail and knew we had to avoid it on the way back. I was looking as closely as I could, but I didn't see anything. Then Chris shouted that it was right there and I froze, right by the spider as I brushed it with my arm. I think I panicked just a little)
Seriously it was amazing. Team Iquad was fantastic and we sat in awe as they made designs to music.

We also saw bison, spiders, deer, antelope and tons of red ants.

You should all go next year, it was amazing!


beckyc said...

You have been to places we have never been...thanks for sharing. Was Brayden interested in the kites or the hot air balloons? Was it super crowded? What was the stampede like? Did you drive to the island? Is there a trail to hike on? Is there fresh water on the island? Just a few questions I had...:o)

Chris and Kim said...

Brayden really liked the kites and BMX bikers. He clapped the whole BMX demonstration. It wasn't super crowded. We didn't even know about it until we drove through the park. They didn't say a word when we entered the park. They did hand us a booklet about it though. I don't know why they call it the stampede festival I didn't see a stampede. We drove to the island, it was a bird migration so there were tons of birds all over the place. Some just sitting on the road hanging out. There are a few trails, they lead around the island by the shore. I don't know about the water. It is surrounded by the great salt lake. I am not a great blogger, so ask questions as much as you like.

beckyc said...

You did great with the blog...I just wanted to know (:o)

Heather Cook said...

Kimmie, those are awesome. The spider made me want to throw up a little. I definitely would have freaked out! Thanks for sharing. It is awesome to see what you are doing!