Easter 2012- Lots of pictures

Friday, April 20, 2012

Easter in Ferron
Dying Easter Eggs

Hanging out with Dad

Playing with Taighleigh

Hidden Easter Basket

Where Brayden would rather be than looking for the Easter Basket

What Brayden did when we made him look for his Easter Basket

Finding the Easter Basket

Brayden knocking the Easter Basket out of the tree when he found it.
Flying the kite from his Easter basket

Playing in the dessert

Tayven was up the mountain before most of us got out of the car.

Brayden's favorite thing to do, play in the dirt :)

Indian writings

Hiking and playing on big rocks

After all the hiking we rolls the dyed Easter eggs down trails we had made. I just didn't get any pictures with my camera.

Getting ready for Church

We love being in Ferron! We don't get down there as often as we would like since Chris started school, but when we get down there its always amazing. We love our family and we are so grateful for the great love they show us when we can get down there.


Morgan said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun. I love that Brayden's basket wasn't full of treats.

Rachel said...

wish we could have been there too. how fun.

dcook727 said...

What a great place to play. The whole world opens up there.